My name is Dominique. I’m a content specialist, blogger, and online marketing addict. I’m also pretty good at Madden.

I help brands, bloggers, and companies improve their content. Whether it’s coming up with a content strategy, constructing content for sites, showing companies how to blog THE RIGHT WAY, or anything else content related, I’ll let you borrow my skills and expertise.

My “Bio”

I guess you could say my career in digital marketing started around 2010 when I first discovered that people were willing to pay other people to write for them.

I’m not talking about writing school essays or resumes. But content for blogs, ebooks, and sales copy. It was like a completely foreign world to me.

But since writing was always one of my biggest strengths, I decided to go for it.

As I started writing content for companies, bloggers, and marketers, I grew more interested in what my clients were doing with the content I was creating for them.

dominique jackson

I started asking questions like:

What happens after I write content?

How were they spreading the content?

How were they getting people to buy the ebooks?

How are they making enough money to be able to hire a writer?

At that point, I started reading more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I was already kind of familiar with it since many of the clients I was working for requested “SEO Content”. But I started to really dive into the different aspects of SEO and learned as much as I could. To make a long story short, my key takeaway was that content was HUGELY important.

After that, I started learning more and more about not only SEO, but online marketing in general. Through all of my reading, three things stood out to me because it seemed like every expert and well respected person in the industry was mentioning three main aspects to focus on for success in online marketing:

  1. Content
  2. Inbound marketing
  3. Social media

And so after having a few blogs, guest blogging on a ton of different websites, diving into affiliate marketing, and some other ventures, I saw first hand what worked most effectively for myself, and for people/companies who were the most successful. All this led me to develope my philosophy/approach to online marketing. Want to hear it?

My Philosophy About Online Marketing

As you probably guessed, I’m a content focused guy. From my experience, strong content is the most important aspect of online marketing. Whether you’re trying to increase traffic from SEO, referrals, social media, or even paid ads, content is crucial.

I’ve ranked blog posts with absolutely no link building, strictly with strong content. How? By structuring content correctly, targeting the right keywords, and making the content compelling and targeted to the right audience. When you focus on providing the most valuable content possible, to the right audience, you’ll win. Plain and simple.

Need help improving your content? Let’s talk.

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