How To Add Internal Links In WordPress Quickly


How to add internal links in wordpress quickly

In my post about how I grew my organic traffic 350% in 30 days, one of the techniques I mentioned was internal linking. It’s a very powerful move that you should be using on your blog to keep people on your site longer, and it helps with SEO.

I just wanted to take a quick second to give you all a couple of tips on how to add internal links to your WordPress blog posts extremely quickly.

This will be a really short post, but it’s very useful.

1. Search From The WordPress Editor

This is my #1 way to find posts for internal links. Before I found out about this feature, I used to go to my site, do a search using the search bar of my blog, find a relevant post, copy the link, then insert it into my new posts. But not anymore! All you have to do is:

Highlight a word or phrase

How to add internal links to wordpress step 1

Click on the insert link button

How to add internal links to wordpress step 2

Click on the “Or link to existing content” button

How to add internal links to wordpress step 3

Search for a relevant phrase, select a post to link to, then click add link

How to add internal links to wordpress step 4

Boom, that’s it! Now here’s another method you can use, that involves a plugin.

2. WP Optimize By xTraffic

This is a good way to add external links to some of your older posts, especially if you have a ton of posts in your archives. WP Optimize By xTraffic has a few different features, but the only one I’m talking about is the Optimize Links one.

Optimize Links lets you automatically link keywords within your posts, pages or comments to posts and pages that you specify. Here’s how to use it.

After you install the plugin, it’ll show up in the side of your WP dashboard. Go to WP Optimize > Optimize Links, and click on the Enable Optimize Links button. You’ll see all the settings pop up. This is what the settings I use look like.

WP Optimize by xtraffic plugin settings

I set the keywords I link to manually under the Custom Keywords/Target Links part.

Let’s say I wanted to link to this post whenever I mention the phrase “WordPress Plugins” in any blog post or page on my site (new or existing). This is what my settings would look like.

WP Optimize by xtraffic Custom Keywords

You can list as many keyword/target link combinations as you want. Even if I have a post from 2013 that has the phrase “WordPress Plugins” in it, WP Optimize will add a link to my plugins starter pack automatically. Pretty simple right?

Start Adding Those Internal Links!

That’s all folks! Two very quick and easy ways to add internal links in WordPress. Again, if you have a lot of old posts that don’t have internal links, then using the WP Optimize By xTraffic plugin is really helpful. But start getting into the habit of using the 1st technique whenever you create new posts. It’s what I’ve been using, and it made my life sooo much easier.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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